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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just like Beggar's Canyon Back Home

Dear Internet, for Christmas I want a catapult. You have no idea how cranky I'm going to be if I don't get one.

I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas. I made this calendar with the intention of magnificently silk screening it on some soft and supple* 18x24" linen paper. It would have been great, I'm telling you.

Instead, I'm giving it to you, dear readers, as a gift. It's only 8.5x11, but guess what?! It's free and has a bear on it. Nothing says "new year" like a hungry bear** calendar. You can print one out on some nice cardstock, if you so choose. You can also print out 60 of them and use it to wallpaper a bathroom. I know I'm going to.

So anyway.

Here. Hello Bear 2011 Calendar. It's a PDF, so if you right click the link, you should be able to save it.

I just deleted a 3 paragraph tangent on the annual Christmas Star Wars Marathon. Suffice to say I enjoyed it, and I have a healthy*** obsession with Wedge Antilles. The understated hero.

*"Supple" is one of those words that just makes me cringe. Like moist I guess. Bleeergh. The only word that seems to come naturally after supple is "bosom". And if I'm being honest, "bosom" kind of eeks me out too.

**Hungry for love, not people flesh.



Jake Murray said...

Why, what a SUPPLE calendar!

ola appletea said...

really nice one - i will print it out for my place at the office :) nice idea! thank you!!!

MissJW said...

i wish you hadn't deleted the three paragraphs about Star Wars... not that I didn't enjoy your post... But yes, Wedge is the understated hero.

eLPe said...

i love the calendar. i might be retarded... but how can i download the file? i'd love to print this bad boy out.

eLPe said...

yup. i'm retarded. please disregard previous statement....

*blushes uncontrollably*

Faith said...

I love this calendar! Just discovered your blog. Consider me a follower!