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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So! I've been wildly busy this week. It's only the 4th week of school, and already you can see the stress in everyone's eyes. The only problem is I've got a lot of ideas I'm dying to get out, and some of them are destined to disappear into the creative abyss because I simply don't have time to give them life. (awwww)

BUT, tonight I decided to take a one hour break from the homework grind and do what I wanted to do... which is this. I've been thinking quite a bit about branding and how to make myself stick out from the crowd. This is just an idea I had to get out. It's more of a sketch than a final project, but I think the basis of the idea is there...! Wouldn't the red look great letterpressed into a business card design? Mmm. Letterpress. So expensive, but so beautiful.


Cassandra Cappello said...

I really love this! It is extremely simple yet you! This is a great concept!

Rachel Dangerfield said...

Thanks lady :)
I'm not 100% convinced I'll use the concept yet, but I like the idea of it... and yes. I like the simplicity!

eLPe said...

i love the forget me knot idea, but if you do decide to go for it, i recommend getting out of illustrator to do the cursive. i know, i know, it's 10 million times easier to work it out there, but i kid you not, i wrote that exact type layout on a card series i did my junior year. looks exactly the same.

you're blog is amazing, so inspiring, and looks phenomenal rachel! keep up the incredible work, everything looks beautiful!