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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


For their produce section, I created small stickers with color combo variations to be used to differentiate between the different grow seasons. They're sitting on top of one of the Blossom Bluff tote bags I created. More photos to come on the reusable produce bag.

The grocery bags needed to be unique and have brand appeal, so I created four versions a shopper could end up with. A semi-important side note- I developed a stamp of the logo for store employees to use for easy and cost effective branding.

The blackberries packaging is simple and goes with their brand. Since Blossom Bluff would have their own store, cohesiveness of the look was very important to me. Also, if they ever expand enough to sell their produce in larger grocery stores, the branding would still be recognizable. (I'm not entirely happy with this design. I may rework it sometime in the next few months for my portfolio.)

Now... off to the second day of classes! My next class is with David Schirtzinger of Young Isaac & People To My Site. Then off to Joseph Baer. I haven't met either of them yet, but I've heard good things! Should be fun!

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