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Friday, August 28, 2009


A few days ago I shared an image I was working on for my Lit project. Here's another. I had a few minutes to spare after my Prepress class this afternoon, so I finished up this photo as well. The model is my younger sister, Randi and I'm still deciding what book this photo will represent... any ideas?

I started this project independently this summer to add something unique to my portfolio, but once I started my internship and other odd jobs, I realized that I just didn't have the time I needed to get it finished to it's fullest potential. However, it looks like I might (hopefully) be able to pick up on it for my Art Directions class with Joe Baer of ZenGenius (great guy, I recommend him to any CCAD students looking for a good professor). With any luck, this project will be complete in a little over a month!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, this is my first week of senior year, so I've been crazy busy! I've already turned in a few preliminary poster designs as well as some other things, so perhaps I'll post those here as well today.

Some sidenotes: I'd like to extend my gratitude and appreciation towards The Dieline and Lovely Package who featured my work recently. I feel so honored to be a part of their amazing and inspiring posts. Lastly, I'd like to thank Joanna from Cup of Jo who stopped here earlier this week. She's a huge inspiration for me and it absolutely made my week to see her comment!

I'll be spending the weekend enjoying the rain and working on homework. Maybe opening an etsy shop to sell prints? We shall see! Anything is a possibility at this point...

Edit: I feel like I should mention this since you never really know who will read-- I'm currently looking for an internship (preferably paid) or design work in or around Columbus, Ohio. I've had two internships previously, both of which I learned quite a bit from. If you're looking for an intern, please please e-mail me at rdangerfield.1@go.ccad.edu

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Rachel said...

I love this photo! It's just how I feel when I'm getting really absorbed in a book.