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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Dangerfield Kind of Tuesday

This past weekend was spent at the beach* with my family. I was mostly incapacitated during the trip due to a knee injury**, but it was still a blast. The photo above is three generations of my family.

August Berries
Another pattern I finished up for fun.

And lastly, good music for your Tuesday afternoon. I came across Gregory Alan Isakov from his designer, Justin Fuller's website. Two seriously talented dudes.

The house is extremely chaotic today (always), so I'm doing my best to hanker down in the quieter areas (currently limited to bathrooms and the back porch).

*Not the beach. Just a beach. In Ohio. Which isn't much of a beach at all really... but hell, we're from the Midwest, we take what we can get!

**Our dear sweet dog ran into yours truly at full speed... where upon I fell directly onto my ass (ouch)... and in the process twisted my knee (double ouch).


Melissa Blake said...

what beautiful photos!! xoxo

Jake Murray said...

Oooh sorry to hear about that knee accident! That dog apparently has some sort of vendetta against you. But then again, don't we all?

Maggie May said...

that is a truly beautiful beach family photo. hang it!