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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm a bit obsessed with this sort of pattern. My notebooks are filled with mindless doodles of it, and my portfolio contains at least one other instance of it... so I've decided to embrace it! And hey, they're a tiny bit reminiscent of bird feathers (right? ...right...) so it'll kind of sort of go well with the whole "Little Aviary" / "Quail Creative" thing. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

I love love, and this whole Valentine's Day phenomenon has given me a chance to take a tiny bit of time off from school work and create some fun little pieces of art. So last night I finished this little guy up and put it up on Little Aviary's Etsy. I may make it into a card series, depending on this week's school work load (last semester = butt kicking frenzy), but until then you can purchase the print here on Etsy.

Lastly, thank you to all the wonderful blogs out there who have posted about Little Aviary, Quail Creative, and me! It's been so encouraging to see people enjoying bits and pieces of my work. Until next time, dear friends. Happy Tuesday.


Cappello Design said...

I have noticed a pattern lol. But i like the poster! great job!

heart charlie said...

I love that pattern, it's so delicate yet defined. This is perfect for valentine's day ;)

Andy Tan said...

These are so pretty! Great job dear. I've been working on some valentines myself. i hope it turns out as good as yours. haha.

and I'm lovin your blog dear. definitely following!


Andy Tan said...

Also, I hope it's okay with you that I used your mini valentines for my post today. they are just soo pretty. linked it back here.


Emily said...

Lovely pattern! Lovely blog! Thanks for stopping by at mine:) looking forward to scrolling through your entries...x LZ

Elizabeth said...

Your work is absolutely gorgeous, I just hearted your 'i love' print on etsy and hope to purchase it when I get paid next week =/