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Thursday, September 24, 2009


It seems like it may be a bad idea to post a secret on a public blog doesn't it?
...I'll answer my own question... yes, it's most likely a very bad idea.

But, I'm nearly positive my younger sister Rebecca only checks this blog when I force her to, so I'm taking a chance and posting a birthday party invitation I'm designing for her. She's in 7th grade and is a bright, fun, spunky-as-all-heck little lady, so I wanted the invitations to reflect that. Her birthday is this coming Saturday, and I'm feeling so sad that I can't be there to celebrate with her (if, by chance Bec does read this and the surprise is ruined, I'M SORRY REBECCA. IT WILL STILL BE FUN I PROMISE!). I love that girl with all my heart, and I want her to have the best birthday possible.

About the invitations, I'll post a shot of them once they're mocked up and ready to be sent, but for now I'll just give you a screen shot! The envelope will open and accordion fold out with all the party information on it and the main design will be printed on a heavy stock and cut to be full bleed. Should be pretty snazzy I think!

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