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Monday, June 13, 2011

Aaargh Dangerfield, Keepin' it Moderately Real

History Binder
Today is my youngest sister's last day of middle school. I think we should all congratulate her on surviving the hell that is 8th grade.

Every year before school starts we sit down and deck out all of her school supplies-- backpack, binders, agenda, the works. This is one of the only things that seemed to survive the entire school year, her history binder. We cut up some old 1970's National Geographic magazines and pooped out this beauty.

Messy Desk
And this is my desk? There was a pile of orange junk on it a couple days ago and I couldn't resist.

Yeh. I'll have way more exciting stuff to show you next time. Until then, enjoy the sunshine and go smash some water balloons on your unsuspecting loved ones.


molly YEH! said...

ohh don't you love school supplies?? what a great looking binder!! she must have been the most stylish of 8th graders!! congratulations to her :)

Emily Rickard said...

This post made my Wednesday so much better! You are the sister of the girl with the coolest binder ever. & I LOVE your desk collection, especially the hurtz donut :) :)

Rachel Dangerfield said...

Haha thanks guys!

And Emily, the Hurtz Donut and other things are some branding concepts I've been tossing around in my head for a couple months. I think I'm going to need to make those happen!

Emily Rickard said...

Yes! So funny! Hurtz donut & knuckle sandwich are two of the phrases my dad got a kick out of teaching my & my sister when we were little. good memories :)