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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fox Books

Fox Books

You know the movie You've Got Mail? With Meg Ryan? Before she got a ton of facial surgery? Aaaanyway, the Tom Hanks character owns a chain of bookstores called Fox Books.

I accidentally made this today. I love me some foxes.

(I know, there's been two posts in the past 48 hours. I know, I'm happy about it too. But don't get used to it or anything. I like to set the bar low, and then pleasantly surprise you with an occasional post. NOW GO ENJOY YOURSELF SOME WEEKEND!)


The Time Is Now said...

This logo is awesome. Makes me wish there was a Fox Books store somewhere that can use it so I could get their business stationery, bag and wrapping paper! (Yes, I am excited over hypothetic stationery. Showing my true colors here.)

Anonymous said...

I like the logo but I don't like Meg Ryan's facial surgery:)

Sprightly Prospects said...

My mom and I watched that movie every night for a year or so. Kick. Ass. Logo.

Jake Murray said...

I think I might be artistically blind because I totally missed the fox until you said "I love me some foxes." That logo is KILLER. You should reconsider putting your ideas on the interweb - I'm gonna start stealing them all.

rooth said...

How clever - I like!