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Friday, August 6, 2010

And they lived happily.

Hello there friends*. I hope you've been playing outside a lot (have you?). I've been trying my best to get out there as much as possible, but my picnic count this summer still remains an abysmal low... of zero**. Regardless of my appalling picnicking, the above advice is getting me through this bizarre limbo of a summer without breaking a sweat. Enjoy the weekend. I'm going to make some of these.

*I assume you are all friends. If you are foe, please proclaim yourself so I may arrive at your door (under the cover of darkness, obviously) and kick you in the shins.

** If you are interested in picnicking with me, name a date. I will clear my schedule.


Anonymous said...

Friend! Please don't kick me in the shins!

And I love the picture, and am sadly too far away to partake in any picnicking! Otherwise I'd totally be there.

Anonymous said...

Picnicking has been on my summer to-do list, and I haven't got around to it either! Love the Live Happily image too!