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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hey internet- honesty time. These past few weeks have stunk. Like... blown chunks. I had a super amazing job opportunity, and because of formalities (international work visas-- ugh), I lost it. Right now, I'm in this bizarre limbo while I try to figure out my next move.

But I realized the other night that having no opportunities kind of means that I have every opportunity (does that make sense?). No doors are closed... I can move anywhere... I can do anything... shoot for the moon and all that jazz, know what I'm sayin? So- A print to commemorate the chance to make something amazing happen!

In the meantime, I'm certainly accepting freelance work (check out Little Aviary to see my portfolio). If you are super awesome and need some equally awesome designin', shoot me an email. I want to know you!


bianca stella xox said...

oh that must be really hard :-(
buut i'm pretty sure you'll get something even more amazing because your work is.. well.. amazing! aha
hope you're feeling a bit happier in this next week xo

Rachel Dangerfield said...

Thanks :) I'm feeling better already! It's going to be a really great week.

Jenni said...

first) i love your blog and all your work. amazing. i'm so sorry to hear that your recent job oppurtunity didnt pan out. but chin up! everything happens for a reason and there is an even better opportunity coming!!

second) what font is that you use on your website where it says "oh yes, its true! i do personal wedding invitations..." love it!

Amanda {Mocking Bird} said...

i just stumbled across your lovely blog and this has brightened my day after having a little set back myself.
cheers, love.

Justine said...

aww. I love you, let's hang out! We'll make pretty things :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the job. Like everyone else has said, your work is amazing and I'm sure someone will snap you up soon!

Rachel Dangerfield said...

Thanks Alyssa!

blythe said...

I love this design! Is it available for purchase as a print?