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Monday, June 28, 2010


I've been working pretty hard the past week or two finishing up Little Aviary's wedding invitation line. I cannot WAIT to show you. Until then though, here's a tiny sneak peak!

In other news, I've been researching my butt off trying to figure out where I want to (try) and land a job. So! I'd love to hear a little about your favorite places-- where you live or where you wish you lived.


orange-alien said...

I love the invitation, its so unique and creative :)

Jane said...

lovely work* looking forward to seeing the entire line!
i live, work in and love NYC. as a native i am baised, and though i'd love to move around a bit while I'm still young, this city will always have my heart. xx, Jane

Liz said...

I live in Portland, OR and I absolutely love it! The air is fresh, the trees are green and plentiful, the people are painfully nice and it's small enough that it's not overwhelming, but large enough that it still feels like a city! I highly recommend it :) Good luck in your search! Those invitations are breathtaking!

Erica said...

Love this and great blog :)

ambergoulet said...

I'll second Portland, Oregon. I've been wanting to live there for years. It's a small city with lots of big city culture. Plus, every gas station I've been to in Oregon gives out dog biscuits if your dog is along for the ride. :)