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Monday, May 3, 2010


So what does this designer do with her abundant free time? Designs.

Actually, that was a fib about the free time. It's finals week, and I've decided to start a new project! The past few weeks have been so crazy and mentally exhausting that I was feeling creatively zapped. So, rather than writing my 7 page paper for Philosophy (due tomorrow and not yet started, mind you), I decided to open this little can of worms.

I'm sick of lackluster shoe companies... and ugly shoe boxes, so I decided to create a new identity for an old (long time defunct) brand, Liverpool Rubber Company. A little Wikipedia-ing led me to this gem, and before I had time to think about all the work I need to do on finals, this guy was already started and well on it's way to becoming a full fledged branding project. Here's a peak of the logo I ended up going with!

(P.S. Does it crack anyone else up that the name could easily be misconstrued as a condom brand? Yeah me too!)


Design me Daily said...

I really love the masculinity and classic feel of the logo you used. And of course it's retro throwback is a bonus on my end!

Anonymous said...

I love that add, its so vintage looking.
Very cute blog by the way!
Follow me!
Love Poppy

Colleen said...

I stumbled across your etsy shop and it's so cute. I understand your procrastination as well. I always get creative when I don't want to do something. It's so much more fun! I'm graduating this May too - congrats! xo

Noah Spurrier said...

The Liverpool Rubber Company was not registered until 1861 by William Somerville. Somerville came to Liverpool in 1855 to sell rubber shoes for The Canadian Rubber Company.