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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Can I get a giant "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!". The amazing Katherine Center created a video essay all about motherhood for the Mom 2.0 Summit coming this February. Aaaaand I just got an e-mail from my wonderful stepsister Jenny letting me know that they had included one of my Bit of Happiness Cards right at the beginning of the video. It reads "you are beautiful".

I really have no words... a huge thank you to everyone out there who has been reading. Your comments have encouraged me to keep doing what I love!


Andy said...

this is beautiful. and congratulations to you dear!


Elizabeth said...


Jane said...

congratulations, you deserve it! what a sweet video to be a piece of too!

xo, Alexi said...

wow! a very heartfelt and sincere congratulations to you! i know i just found this blog, but i think that that is just such an accomplishment and that's something you better be bragging about to all of your friends! i can't even imagine how happy you feel.

Cappello Design said...

Congrats on this by the way! That is awesome!

Hayley said...

What an amazing video- thank you for sharing! And your card is beautiful.


Liz said...

congrats! that's so exciting!!