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Friday, January 15, 2010


I've been such a busy girl over break, I nearly forgot about my Clay & Rossi project I had yet to show you! I've posted about it before, showing you progress, but never got around to showing quite a bit of it!

The first picture is a series of hanging graphics in the New York store. The 2nd picture shows a big of the web graphics and my guerilla proposal to have Clay & Rossi collaborate with the amazing Sartorialist.


Helen said...

Wow! Did you design these? This looks like a great ad campaign, I'm surprised it's all a product of your imagination! Love your blog, I'm so happy I bumped into it!
xo, Helen


the NEO-traditionalist said...

Seriously you are going to be a famous creative director someday. I just know it! Love this stuff. Only wish Clay & Rossi were the real deal so I could take John to shop there!
XX Kate

ceci said...

Great job! Have been following this project from the beginning. Love how it's turned out. :)

carina said...

Just came across your blog. Love it!