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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Here's a first look at a project I worked on last semester. We were asked to take an existing small business and rebrand it. I ended up doing everything from the stationary to the product packaging. Right now all I have is a few crummy photos pf the packaging, so I'm going to try and reshoot it sometime in the next week. Until then, here is the logo and patterns

This little guy was made as a secondary logo, so they would have something other than the full text version to use for smaller projects (for example, I used it on the produce stickers I did).

I kept the color scheme light and happy, but still versatile.

I created a few simple patterns that ended up being used on everything from the stationary to the store clerk apron patterns.

1 comment:

sarah { esseegee } said...

Beautiful! I love the color palette and the patterns are just gorgeous.