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Saturday, July 25, 2009


It's always tea time somewhere. That means any time is a good
time to enjoy a cup. With over 300 types of tea to choose from,
you'll be looking for any excuse to drink up. Look no further.

Tea for 2 is tea for one too many. Sharing is overrated. Who really needs friends anyway?
With over 300 varieties of tea, you'll be happy as a lark-- pals or no pals.
So, you have our written permission to hoard all the tea you want.
Friends or no friends, we'll be there.

Don't cry over spilled tea. Weep.
That's right. Get all those tears out. There's nothing worse than a
lost cup of tea. Lucky for you though, a new cup is just minutes
away. Hot water, tea leaves, two minutes, and you're good as
new. Next time though, maybe you should put it in a sippy
cup. At Adagio Tea, we have over 300 different types
of tea to keep you and your mouth satisfied.

These guys are a series of quick ads I did for my copywriting class with Mr. George Felton. We spent the entire semester focusing on two products of our choosing. Each class, we learned a little bit about different copywriting techniques and got to try our had at each one. By the end of the semester, we had quite a pile of ideas. I sifted through mine and came up with these. Our focus was on the writing rather than the page layout, which is why I chose to focus on a text oriented design with a simple but fun background.

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